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Boot problem with Mackintosh Dell D620 Intel Core2Duo 2,17Ghz


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Hello everyone, i'm a beginner in this Os, but even so, i get a nice and clean Install of Mac Os X SL DVD Retail from Apple Store on ma Dell D620 T7 series intel Core2Duo 2,17 Ghz Intel GM945 Graphics / 2Gb Ram,,i install using methode My Hack, EDP and other litle tricks,,however is was running very cool after a week,,yesterday, after finnish a backup ( cause i'm able to do it),,i did it,,and few hours later i get out, living Pc on,,,when i came back,,Pc with black screen, but harddrive and CPU working,,and no reponse,,so i shot it down with power botton,,,after that, i can't be able to boot my Mac Drive,,he does start normally, then,apears my Mac Hard Disk, i touch the keyboard to boot / -x or -v-f,,and he show's me a grey screen with 4 lines:


Loading 10.6
loading kernel/match kernel
Read HFS+ File: [hd(0,2)/match kernel] 4096 bytes
Read HFS+ File: [hd(0,2)/match kernel] 7690788 bytes


I've tried to reboot with SLV1, so i can boot form DVD Mac Osx Retail,,boot then he tell's me to " you need to restart your computer.Holdon power botton until,,bla,bla Power botton again" and over and over the same with DVD,,,

i did backup disk, but i can't boot from him???

don't know why?

I did it with the mac aplication ( time machine- very cool, when is open ) everything passed well, about 23 Gb placed on New hard drive ( backupdrive setup before),,,

I don't want to make a mess with my Mac Drive, he had give me lots of work,for long time,,and i love my Mac Pro 5.1 don't want to lose it,,,:(




thanks in advance

any help??


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