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Installing fresh 10.8.5 via Clover


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I have used Clover for a while now and I did have 10.8.4 installed along with Kubuntu and Win8, on a triple boot which was working fine. I then updated Clover and started to get a message popping up when logging in, saying that OS X did not shutdown correctly. I think that this was a Clover problem as I've cleaned that partition and no longer have 10.8 installed but upon booting 10.9 (which I now have installed) I still get this error message saying OS X did not shutdown correctly. It points to a log which then shows which kernel version, it says 10.8.4 (I no longer have this installed) so not sure what is going on there, all I can think of is its a Clover issue. 


Anyways bit off topic there... I'm trying to install 10.8.5 now from a fresh USB as I couldn't install 10.8.3. The reason I couldn't install 10.8.3 is because on the second stage of installing (after the reboot) it would just hang, I would get the OS X GUI with a progress bar that will go on forever. My system is not loading or anything at this stage (but the mouse moves) which comes to conclude that its not installing. When I reboot back into 10.9 and check that partition to see if anything has been changed, the only difference is that I now have install files which were inserted upon stage 1 of the install. 


So with 10.8.5 I'm getting the same issues and quite frankly can't install 10.8... 

When installing 10.9 it works fine with no issues, but on the DP it doesn't have 2 stages where the system reboots. 


Does anyone know what I can do or why it keeps hanging? 



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