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Hackintosh on a real mac, or, getting 10.6.8 onto an rMBP


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If trying to install OSx86 on a real Mac because I'm insane isn't allowed as a discussion topic here, feel free to close the thread and let me know. I haven't seen anyone crazy enough to try what I want to try, and I've searched quite a bit.


Per title: I want to install a copy of 10.6.8 on my mid-to-late 2013 rMBP. There are some good reasons for this, but most of them boil down to "this new UI blows, I want my sexy gloss back." After a few months baking eight feet below the surface of the earth with no ventilation or lighting apart from the incandescent glow of my beautiful monitor, I've come to regard Snow Leopard as the apotheosis of human graphical user interface design.


Main obstacles:

1) Drivers. The first rMBPs were released with Lion, because anytime something awesome is invented, something beautiful has to die.

2) Installation. The rMBP comes with an HDMI doohickey, two USB thingies, and some Apple-only doodads that nobody ever uses. Note the absence of any CD, DVD, or BD drives. I think you can install stuff by netbooting, but I'm not certain.

3) Hi-DPI mode. Looking at a 15-inch screen at 2880*1800 native resolution is bad times. Is there any attempt at backporting the voodoo they use to display apps at freakishly high res? If there's no way around this one I'll just squint at apps that don't let you adjust your font (yes, I hate grey scrollbars this much).


I've reached the point that if this doesn't work, I'm buying an IBM T-220 with a real PC. I want my goddam aqua.

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