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Help me reach my windows performance

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Hi guys!


Greet another noob in the OSx86 world! I've been toying with Mountain Lion on my system for a week now.

It is quite old so it's hard to get support on the newest OS X releases for it.


It is a dell l501x laptop. It has first gen intel i7 740QM with gf 435m, and I'm running 10.8.5 on it.

the .5 update broke the bluetooth but I don't care for now. What I care on the other hand is the cpu performance. I would like to tweak it to mach the performance I get on windows (comparison attached).


Why the ram speed is so low? And the CPU? I probably wouldn't care much but I've seen an old thread on the other forum where a guy with the same specs, was reaching the windows performance in this benchmark, but it was 10.6.something.


I am using dsdt and kext's Ive found on threads specified to my laptop but those may be outdated, not accounting for 10.8.


What I suspect is happening is my i7 is not boosting itself up to 2.93 GHz as it does on windows. HWMonitor shows me it has only 3 states: 931, 1730 and 1860 Mhz. But on the other hand I am not so sure to what extent I can trust it.


Any advices?





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