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Questions about compatibility and other issues.


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So, I recently started getting interested in the hackintosh scene. 


I researched around and watched a few youtube tutorials about this. 


My computer build is a

AMD FX-6300 Vishera

ASUS M5A97 LE 2.0

Nvidia GTX 650

1TB HDD with split into a C drive and M drive.



So I already have a USB stick with iAtkos ML and Andy's latest AMD kernel.


Looking through my UEFI bios I noticed that I've been running AHCI since the start so i checked that off.


I booted from the USB disk.

It gave me the  Error 0x31 Block 0x0 Sectors 0 messages 5 times and booted into the iAtkos layout. So Im on the screen where I have to type in boot flags in order to do anything.


In the boot command I typed "amd_kernel -v USBLegacyOff=Yes"

Now since I followed a video I'm not quite sure if I did everything "I" need to execute. If someone can provide me a correct boot flag then that would be sick.  all ears open ready to learn.

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