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can i get some help with a plan?

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im trying to plan out the best way for me to get osx on my dell PC.


i have a legit copy of OSX (i have a MBP)


i have a dell computer that's only 1 year old, with a 160GB hard drive.


the hard drive already has a hidden restore partition from dell for restoring windows.


what's the best way to do this? should i wipe the drive, install OSX, and then put windows on using boot camp?


ideally i want to keep the drive as-is, make a new partition, install OSX, then make OSX the boot partition.


what do you think?

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You cannot install OSX from an Apple DVD installer onto a PC. The DVD will not even boot. OSX requires extensive patching to work on a PC. You must download a patched version of OSX to install on your PC. Using this patched version of OSX is illegal.


Boot Camp will not work on a PC, only on a real Mac.

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