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CPU Dissipator


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I dont understand why have this  Info on hwmonitor   :wacko:  temp is really good, but Dissipateur show me 127 C

I used this FakeSMC ; one for ML and the other one for Mavericks 




both shows the same result on 10.9(7) and 10.8.5 :(

I really need help on that  :)


 CPU I74770k Haswell 



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Might be a bug either in hwmonitor or in FakeSMC plugins. I've had an opposite problem back in the days. IStatPro displayed ~30C CPU temperature. The issue was with

IntelCPUMonitor: CPU Tjmax

value within IntelCPUMonitor.info plugin plist. It was wrong for the CPU used. You may try adjusting it.


More reading:



BTW, with such a temperature, CPU would be dead long ago.

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