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Trying to install Mountain Lion on Samsung NP300e4a


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Well I have this Laptop and i installed a retail copy of the SL and it works like a charm (only video/audio/ethernet kexts are missing) BUT i cant start, I see the bootloader but I cant start it. So i need always to use the bootloader disk in order to enter...

I wanted to create a ML USB, i got MyHack and the other one, and both of them reboots after the kext loads... I have already deleted the IntelHD kexts and i get to see the Apple logo but no the loading wheel

can someone help me?

I have Celeron B 800  1,5Ghz (the equivalent to a i3)

Intel HD Graphics 2000 (I saw kexts that make it have QE/CI)

I have tried to use -x, -v, UseKernelCache=No, GE=No and no results... Have someone has an idea?
I want to tryto install and have Mac OSX in my Laptop,

I know hackintosh on laptops are bad idea...Im currently waiting for a Laptop from here (Venezuela) which is very compatible but currently there are none, So I would like to install Mac, and when I can I would copy the HD? (Can someone tell me how to do it because the kexts) Or just reinstall it and have a fully funcional Laptops Mac/Windows (I also saw how to use Parallels in rder to use the Windows partition in the VirtualMachine like bootcamp) and then I would like to save money in order to make my own desktop hackintosh PC

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Oh, I see but I have seen people who had done it to ML (Only they delete the IntelHDGraphicskexts and I do it but didnt work)

Also I dont know how, but I manage to install Niresh (I dont know how I did it because now it doesnt let me, I prefer MyHack than a distro) So I installed the distro of SL and I cant get ML again, even using Niresh... Any clue?


Also I saw in a spanish page that there are kexts for making QE/CI works, but the kexts are independant of the OS? I mean if they are supposed to be for SL, they will work on ML? Or they are like in Windows, every driver is for a respectively OS?

Sorry for my english :( Also Im very pissed off, I really wanted to have Mac OSX, at first it didnt recognize the USB for boot, I fix that, then the HD didnt want to boot (i mean the bootloader, I still cant boot without a bootloader disk but I guess is some kext problem, the same as the USB) I fix it... Now Im trying to install ML from retail and Niresh and they dont work :/


Also, what does "vanilla" means? I have seen many people saying "make it more vanilla"?

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Oh, I see but I have seen people who had done it to ML

Each case is a case. but i guess SL work better.


but the kexts are independant of the OS?

Kext is dependent of the OS. Exemple: My graphic, doens't work in 10.8, but it work in 10.8.4,

But many SL kext work in Lion and ML.

Vanilla is a clear metod, using 99% real OS core. Different of Distro.

Read carefuly in here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/280756-guide-the-all-in-one-guide-to-vanilla-os-x-including-chameleon-dsdt-for-beginners/

But my suggestion is to try install in other machine, because the graphics doesn't work.

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Ok let me see, in the worst I will use only SL :/

Also, there is a way to use the bootcamp option in parallels for my Windows partition? Because I don't want to install it in a partition + vmachine if I can use it both in the same

I'm gonna try with the kexts I told you for enabling QE/CI on Intel HD 2000, I hope it works

Just wondering, why it is forbidden of talk about tonys method? Is a bad method? (I have always used MyHack so I don't know, also I like MyHack modify for MBR and delete kexts that may cause KP)

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Hey how is going, I bought a new laptop with Ivy Bridge i3 and Intel HD4000, but when I use MyHack or USB Vanilla I get Still waiting for root device (if I use Niresh it install it but I dont like distros) Also, whats the difference between DSDT and SSDT? My Laptop has 6 SSDT how do I know which one should I use? (and how do I patch them?)

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