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Trying to install Mountain Lion on Samsung NP300e4a


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Well I have this Laptop and i installed a retail copy of the SL and it works like a charm (only video/audio/ethernet kexts are missing) BUT i cant start, I see the bootloader but I cant start it. So i need always to use the bootloader disk in order to enter...

I wanted to create a ML USB, i got MyHack and the other one, and both of them reboots after the kext loads... I have already deleted the IntelHD kexts and i get to see the Apple logo but no the loading wheel

can someone help me?

I have Celeron B 800  1,5Ghz (the equivalent to a i3)

Intel HD Graphics 2000 (I saw kexts that make it have QE/CI)

I have tried to use -x, -v, UseKernelCache=No, GE=No and no results... Have someone has an idea?
I want to tryto install and have Mac OSX in my Laptop,

I know hackintosh on laptops are bad idea...Im currently waiting for a Laptop from here (Venezuela) which is very compatible but currently there are none, So I would like to install Mac, and when I can I would copy the HD? (Can someone tell me how to do it because the kexts) Or just reinstall it and have a fully funcional Laptops Mac/Windows (I also saw how to use Parallels in rder to use the Windows partition in the VirtualMachine like bootcamp) and then I would like to save money in order to make my own desktop hackintosh PC


Sorry the pc putted this topic twice

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