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[Help] Recommended Motherboards for OSX


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Hi, in after days researching for a low cost and compatible motherboard for OSX, I can't found the best, i want to buy a full compatible motherboard but this must be of low cost, my budget for this is about US$110 ($600 of Argentina Money), the best motherboard that I found is the GA-H61M-DS2 rev. 2.0, is this motherboard compatible in the most part? Requires DSDT? exists the DSDT for the rev. 2.0?


the other motherboard, for my budget is better :) , is the Asrock H61M-VG3, this cost 50% less than the Gigabyte!


both motherboards have the same chipset: Intel H61 Express, and both uses UEFI.


what we recommends to me? if anyone knows a more compatible motherboard please tell me the model in a reply and the compatibilities, remember my budget is about US$110. thanks and greetings.


I'm have the Intel Core i5 3330, the 4GB DDR3 RAM and the Ati HD6670, only need a most compatible motherboard, to build the perfect Hackintosh.


And if my english is bad please excuse me, I'm from Latin America.

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