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WLAN working LAN not working. Help?

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Ok so I've been using a Airport Express Base Station as a Router and my Cable modem being a modem.  However, I recently moved my desktop into the same room as the modem and bass station but since the Airport Express doesn't have more than one ethernet point i've been using a usb card to use the wifi.  My desktop is staying within 6-8 feet of the modem and bass station, so I thought of using the cable modem to route the IP Addresses and the Airport Extreme as a WAP.


So I connected a Netgear DS108 between the two and have been successful using the Wifi.  However, anything connected through the hub with a ethernet cable wont work because it won't get a IP Address.  The cable modem is connected to the hub via port 8 which is set to uplink mode with a crossover cable and the Airport Express via CAT 5 ethernet from the hub to router.


I need help understanding why is this not working and would appreciate any helpful tips.

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