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Freezing/Stuttering when mouse not moving /AMD/

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Hello, i have this problem with my amd notebook. Got pretty much everything working, Mac App store, wifi with usb dongle, bluetooth, sound, graphics etc. But i have this bad problem  :( Im booting with idlehalt=0 arch=i386 and busratio=12 cpus=1. Its kind of slow, but usable, but when i dont use cpus=1 its fast but when im not moving mouse everything is like freezing, stuttering. Sound, screensaver, animations, when im not moving mouse, when i move its great. Yeah i used google, tried everything, cpuidle=0 idlehalt=0 not working, only thing that works is running yes /null/dev in terminal, but it loads the cpu on full so i don't really like it as the cpu gets very hot. Any help or tips? Please. I would than add it as working build, its Lenovo z565 with Amd Turion x2 P540 and ATI hd5470. Edit: Moving toupad mouse helps the most, even few seconds after stopped moving, moving usb mouse does not help much. Im using the latest kernel by bronya for lion. (mach_kernel_FX_10_7_5_64.zip)

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