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Radeon 7950 Problems


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Hi, Today I installed 10.8.4  with chameleon bootloader on my machine, and the graphics work fine with the Intel Hd intergrated 4600

But whenever I switch to my 7950 i get the dreaded "PCI Configuration Begin" Problem

I have also tried the blind boot method (booting using intergrated card by selecting IGFX in Init display first and disable internal graphics)

But if I disable internal graphics in the bios, It starts using the 7950 upon boot still. 

I have also tried clover bootloader because I have heard about its 7900 support , but it gives me the same "PCI Configuration Begin" thing,

and even when I use clover with the 4600 intergrated, it goes through the whole bootup process and just restarts, despite the 4600 working fine with chameleon.

The last thing I tried is plugging hdmi in the 7950 after booting with hdmi plugged into the intergrated gpu, and that gives me a bunch of resolution options(because it does reconize the card fine)

but none of the resolution options do anything, so im stuck in a 1024 box that does not fit the whole screen.





MSI Twin Frozr III 7950


Intel Haswell 4670k

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