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F55VD fx110h ML stuck after verbose


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Hey guys !


I've succesfully installed ML on my Asus N76VZ, and now, I'm trying to install ML on my friend's laptop.

It's an Asus F55VD-sx110h, with a Intel Pentium B980 and a Geforce 610M, and UEFI.

As for the graphic, this is HD3000.

I have an USB key with iAtkos ML install and Clover Bootloader. When I boot over USB install program, there are no errors, and so I've installed ML easily. However, I can't boot ML without -x, so I can't install clover on PC.
In verbose mode only (without -x), there's no errors : after the verbose screen, the grey screen with an apple appears, then the cursor, but when the Apple should go up and give way to the login screen, nothing happens, except for the cursor which stay spinning. 


As for the kext, there are : FakeSMC.kext, NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, GenericUSBXHCI.kext, and Elan touchpad kext. I deleted all nvidia kext.

I have no DSDT (I don't know much about this, I only know how to extract and apply patches, on my N76VZ, I have downloaded it from OSX86 but there's nothing for F55VD).

I have 2 questions : 
- Do anyone have a solution for booting in normal mode ?
- HD3000 is not fully enabled (there is video glitches), on my N76VZ, I had to inject a string in the bootloader (for HD4000), is it similar ? Do you know where could I found informations ?

Thanks for helping ! (Hope I'm understandable, I'm a french studient :P)

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