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No ethernet and help with DPCIManager

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I've recently installed Hazard's Snow Leopard (10.6) on my AMD PC. 


My problem is that I have NO internet whatsoever. I mainly use ethernet, but in System Preferences/Network it says Ethernet Not Connected, Cable Unplugged. 


Everything else runs smoothly. 


I have the nForce LAN I believe. 


I have seen a method that seems to work for those who do it right, where you get an nForceEthernetDriver.kext and DPCIManager, you edit the info.plist by putting the device ID for your ethernet port that you found in DPCIManager, and then install the kext with Kext Helper. My problem here is that I CANNOT get DPCIManager to open. It opens and then instantly closes. 


Any help would be appreciated, whether it's linking me to a program like DPCIManager that works or showing me a different method. 





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