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I have installed osx 10.8 mountain lion on an Intel esxi server.

It runs nice due to the unlocker.


A thing that does not work is Back to my mac. I can log in with my icloud account, but when I enable the back to my mac feature it says "icloud server not responding".


I have tried this behind a linux firewall and directly connected to internet.

Does the icloud server check on mac address or something like that? Or is it not working on 10.8 with esxi? I have the assumption that it did work on 10.7 on esxi before, but I'm not sure about that, because that has been a while ago.


Has anybody else back to my mac working with 10.8 on vmware?


Thank you.

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I am a step further.
I have installes imessage-enabler from http://www.souldevteam.net and changed the vmx file.
It now connects back to my mac and for the interested people: imessage also works.

Since I have the osx vm running behind a debian firewall, it states that the performance will be slower since mat-pmp of upnp is not enabled on the router.
Debian does not support nat-pmp or upnp out of the box. I have played with miniupnpd, but without succes.

But that is an issue that is off topic and not related to this forum.

I hope this can be of help of other who want to be able to use back to my mac or imessage.

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