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ML Dell Inspiron 7520 Questions


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Hey everyone,



I'm a hackintosh newbie, but quite familiar with Macs and computers in general.


I wish to install Mountain Lion on my Dell Inspiron 15R SE laptop (aka Inspiron 7520), but I have a few questions before proceeding.


It came preinstalled with Windows 8, and the hard drive is formatted to use GPT by default. In this case, would it be okay for me to partition the drive using Disk Management in Windows, and then install OS X on that partition only? I really do not wish to reformat the entire hard drive.


Windows 8 uses UEFI and Secure Boot. If I use the guide here (it's a sticky, easy way to install ML), would I run into any problems? If so, what should I watch out for and how can I prevent running into those problems? Should I disable Secure Boot before going ahead?


The laptop has an integrated Intel HD4000 graphics card, as well as a dedicated AMD RADEON HD3370m card. I know that the AMD can't be used in OS X, but after installing it, will the AMD card still be physically running in OS X and thereby draining battery? If so, how can I prevent that?


My last question is that after installing OS X, will I still be able to boot into Windows without any extra work on my part? I know that for installing Ubuntu on this laptop you have to do a boot repair or Windows won't boot up. After installing OS X and Chameleon, I should be able to boot into Windows easily, correct? And the install of OS X on its own partition will not affect the Windows partition at all?


Any other advice will also be greatly appreciated!



- Intel Core i7 3632QM


- AMD RADEON HD7730m graphics card

- Centrino Wifi (I know this won't work, I'm going to buy a USB adapter)


Thank you very much!

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