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[HowTo] Make your AirPort BaseStation Invisible


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Make Your AirPort Basestation Invisible




The only way to be one hundred percent sure that no one can hack into your network's wireless access point, or basestation, is to pull out the power cord. Since that isn't really practical, there are some other things you can do to keep unwanted people out of your wireless network.


The obvious security measure is to add a password to your Basestation, but you can also make the wireless part of your network invisible to most bad guys. If you are using an Apple AirPort Basestation, here's what you do:


* Launch AirPort Admin Utility. It's in Applications/Utilities/AirPort Admin Utility.

* Select your Basestation.

* Click Configure.

* Click the AirPort tab.

* Check Create a closed network.


AirPort's closed network option hides your basestation from most everyone.

* You'll get a warning that says your network won't appear in any computer's network list. Since that's exactly what we're going for, click OK.


Apple wants to make sure you know your basestation will become invisible.

* Click Update.


Most wireless access points have an option to hide them just like Apple's AirPort Basestation. The instructions that came with your access point should show how to enable this feature.


To connect to a closed AirPort network, do this:


* Choose Other from the AirPort menu icon.


Choose Other from the Airport menu to join hidden networks.

* Enter the name of the network you are joining in the Network Name field.

* Choose the Basestation's password type from the Wireless Security pop-up menu.

* Enter the Basestation's network password in the Password field.

* Click OK.



Enter the name of the hidden network you want to join.


Remember, there is no sure fire way to ensure that no one can ever gain access to your private network without your permission. But the more you do to protect your network, chances that some one will hack in are much lower.



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