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Kernel panic after few restarts.


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Hello, so i have this problem with my (iAtkos s3 v2) Acer Extensa 5220 with Intel GMA x3100 and Intel Celeron 1.73ghz, 1,5gb RAM (Added 512mb) Installation works great, but when its done and i try to boot the system: With Efi string for the x3100 it works great - Audio + Graphics + Bluetooth. Everything is great (except the wifi which i expected as the atheros is not supported i guess) But after 2 - 3 reboots comes the Kernel Panic, nothing helps except -x (safemode). In safemode there is no Audio no Graphics Acceleration (no transparent panel) no notebook keyboard and touchpad support (sometimes not even usb). I tried reinstalling it few times with different options but its always the same after few reboots. I selected the modified kernel qoopz 10.3.0 because without it i get the kernel panic instantly. Selecting the x3100 kext in customize at install makes the screen light blue and i cant do nothing except reinstall. Please help.


UPDATE: Also i found out that it usually happens when i install something (package, new iTunes, etc. ...) Then this error will show up : Invalid firmware max backlight setting and after few lines come Kernel Panic, no way back

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