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Marvericks up and running on GA-z77x-UP4 TH


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Hi, all

my first post..


PS. I hope by posting this information that I am not in any of this Forums violations..



I just figured it out how install Marvericks

Also found out that,  Yes you need myhack to (install chameleon) in order to boot Mavericks.


What i did was the following..

1) Restore 10.9 on usb flash and copy the package 4.5gb

2) Extract mach_kernel from the package.

3) Copy to usb flash.

4) Install chameleon 2255 to usb flash

5) Ran (myhack) install chameleon to the USB FLASH DRIVE

6) Copy my EXTRA folder form my OS X 10.8.4 to USB flash,  And install the two file from the (Essential DP-1 V2)

fakeSMC.kext + NULLCPUpowermanagement.kext to the (Extra folder), And /System/Library/Extensions

***STOP*** The best and safe way to install any (kext) is to use (Kext Wizard) copy the app to UBS FLASH you're going to need it later install (kext) on Marvericks HD.

The two (Kext) file that was install in USB FLASH drive also needs to be install Marverick HD, /System/Library/Extensions , And the Extra folder also..

**** Now run Kext Wizard and Repair Permissions on your USB FLASH Drive*****

:D NOW You are ready to install Mavericks  :D

7) Boot USB FLASH w/ PCIRootUID=0

8) Install Maverick...

9) Reboot with usb flash w/PCIRootUID=0 and boot Mavericks HD and completed the registration.

10) Copy the mach_kernel from (USB) to Marvericks root, override the one from the installation.

11) Install chamelon 2255

12) Ran 5.3.1 for the driver's ONLY. DO NOT INSTALL ANY BOOTLOADER from 5.3.1.

13) Ran Kext Wizard to repair permissions on (Mavericks HD) 

14) Run myhack and only INSTALL, (Install Chamelon) to Marvericks HD. any update's you must repeat this.

15) Add PCIRootUID=0 to your Marvericks HD Org.Chameleon.Boot.plist

16) if it doesn't BOOT try this (GraphicEnabler=No)


Marverick up and running on GA-z77x-UP4 TH BIOS F9

i5-3570k, 8GB, SSD 256gb, ATI 5770HD 1GB.

Wifi, works

sound, works

bluetooth, works

ethernet, works

USB 2.0, works

USB 3.0, works

sleep, works

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hi, all


Today i install Marericks DP1 and update all to DP6.....

Everything working except USB 3.0, only front panel.

USB 2.0 working..

The USB port on the back of board usb 3.0 aren't working all 6 port's

Only front panel header USB 3.0, 2 port working


Driver are install correctly,

in System Report:  i see can (USB 3.0 Superspeed Bus) + 3.0 Hi-Speed Bus.


How can i fix it....


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