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Success Story - MSI M-1022 Laptop


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A chance offhand remark by a colleague of mine perked my interest in running Apple's OS on x86 computers. So I set about googling and finding out how to do it. After getting all the required materials, the actual install process was about half an hour, and it went without a single hitch. I was very much surprised. The only things that remain are the fading out glitch, and safari and itunes problems which is addressable by Maxxuss's patch.


After the Mac Desktop had loaded, there was no glitches, no lagginess, everything ran at maximum speed, and my CPU usage read perfectly normal with idle meter around 98%. My laptop's specs are below:


Intel Centrino 1.73Ghz


60GB Hard Disk

nVidia Geforce Go 6200


I am very much surprised and impressed by the number of easy to follow guides that made this task painless. My only hitch was with Partition Magic which is pretty much unrelated when I needed to resize my existing partition.


The laptop now boots proudly with both Windows XP Professional and MacOSX, using the Windows bootloader.


Now I'm trying to figure out how to install Maxxuss's patch as after extracting the files, there are a bunch of files, including ppf.


Some pics:



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