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Winbook J4 1.7Ghert P4 2001 SSE2 OSx86 10.4


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Thats the torrent name.


1) download it

2) decompress it

3) burn it to DVD

4) pressed F8 on PC and boot it

5) install it, auto restart and run it


1.7Ghertz P4 is from 2001, so its an SSE2 not SSE3


Doesn't work in OSx68 by default after the install:

WinBook J4 ethernet card

WinBook J4 soundcard

Winbook J4 wireless ethernet card port

D-Link DWL-G132 108Mbps Wireless Internet Adapter

D-Link DWL-650 54Mbps Wireless Internet Card

Chess (can't move pieces)

Preview (jpegs show gray, safari works for jpegs)

iTunes (jammed on store bought CD)



Winbook J4 cd/dvd (doesn't burn by default)

harman/kardon apple sound stick USB speakers (work great even with no sound card)

POI USB 6 in 1 Flash Memory Drive

4 USB ports (can add USB sound, Flash Mem Drive, and maybe USB internet adapter)

SIS Video Card @ 1024x768, limited by the Laptop LCD, same as on other OSs (can't switch between 800x600 and 1024x768 without restarting)

Winbook J4 Trackpad

Winbook J4 Keyboard

Logitec 2 button USB Mouse

iMac USB Apple Keyboard

iMac USB Pro Mouse

Terminal, Disk Utility, Safari, System Info, Screen Saver


Boot time is about 1.5 mins, Safari is fast.


Got the RAM up to 512. I've noticed a significant performance improvment on Macs with OSX between 128 and 512+.


Not Online Yet:

I've read many posts about USB internet adapters that are wireless or wired, but haven't seen a post about any that work with OSx86 without installing drivers. I read that with this 10.4.x driver at http://www.ralink.com.tw/supp-1.htm a D-Link DWL-G122 will work at 11mpbs or 54mbps. So I went to the store and bought a 54mbps max DWL-G122 Version B1, and for fun a 108mbps max DWL-G132. Installed the ralink USB 1.1.1x 10.x.x driver restarted and plugged them in, both adapters show up in the apple/more info/usb section. Currently I'm trying to get the laptop online. BTW, when the DWL-G122 USB Adapter is put in the green light flashes, the Wireless Utility installed with the ralink software opens, under about I can see the MAC address of the USB adapter, under site survey I see available wifi routers and can get a green icon to the left, under profile I can make a basic profile and get a green icon to the left, and under link status I can get bars for 100% link quality and signal strength, but in System Prefs Network I only see ethernet available giving me a local 169.bla IP when the G122 is in that can be used with a crossover cable to another computer I guess, but I haven't got a 192.bla d-link router IP to get the thing on the web yet. The USB DWL-G132 doesn't do anything and I assume doesn't work with OSx86. Also ordered a LinkSys USB100TX CAT5 USB 1.1 Ethernet Adapter that doesn't work with a Pegasus non x86 driver but does show as connected under the Apple in more info. http://www.sustworks.com/site/news_usb_ethernet.html


For sound i've found some USB speakers for 5.99 at www.buy.com. I tested my harman/kardon apple sound stick USB speakers and they work great, volume works, and they work once they're plugged in and don't need to be selected since my software doesn't think I have a sound card. Only problem people have with the apple speakers is there is no input for a headset. The 5.99 speakers have a headset input, and USB headsets are available.


I hope to get some comments on this post, maybe from people with OSx86 Winbook J4s, and or people that know of a way to get online with USB in OSx86. I've heard talk of Broadcom wireless adapters working like airports and would like to try a USB Broadcom.

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