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Intel XBX975 and X1900XTX install issues


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I recently tried installing jas mac osx86 10.4.6 on my new system.


I am not really new to installing osx. I just have not encountered an error like this before.


It installs fine. when I try to boot I get a red screen and nothing on it. I think thats what happens its been a few weeks or so since I tried this. I remember that I couldnt get anything to work at all though.


Any settings I could adjust?




Processor Intel Conroe E6600 @ 3.6ghz 400x9 @ -30c

Motherboard Intel XBX 975

Ram 2x1gb Supertalent DDR2 800 @ ddr 1000 @ 4-4-3-4

Ati x1900xtx watercooled.

and serial 250gig hdds


well i think thats the important stuff.


any suggestions, I would like to get osx on here bc it would SCREAM.



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