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Disk Utilities doesn't detect my HDD. Mainboard: H87 D3H. ML 10.9


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The process I made as following:


I recreate an Mavericks DP1 10.9 Installer, with the attemp to try testing on my laptop Dell E6400. 

At first, I got CPU panic.

Then, I follow the guid:




I used the Myhack to install the extra folder ==>>> Volla! The E6400 show installing screen.


Then, I move the USB to my main desktop. And got the CPU panic.!

So I guess maybe the DSDT and smbios are wrong!

So, I replace the smbios with Mac 13.2 and delete completely the dsdt from Extra folder of my USB.

Then I boot with: -v -f -x GraphicsEnabler=No

================> YES YES YES: The holy moly Installer screen!

I wen to the Disk Utilities - But it's show notthing but the USB.


I recheck bios: AHCI enabled.

Recheck USB: S/L/E: I see the IOAtaFamily.kext


But still cannot see the other HDD to install.


Any helps is very appreciated !



My system spec:

_ CPU: Xeon e1230 v3 (Haswell)

_ Mainboard: Gigabyte H87 D3H

_ HDD: SATA 3 Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB

_ SSD: SATA 3 Plextor M5S 128GB (installed Windows 7).

_ VGA: GTX 560 ti !



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