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Black screen after 10.8.2 install on Lenovo W510


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Hi There


I have read the rules and I cant see much regarding asking for assistance on a distro, only reason I mention this is I have just been perma banned on Tonymac for the same post I am writing here.


I have just installed Niresh 10.8.2 onto my Lenovo W510, the installation went fine no errors.


After changing my bios for my HDD to be primary boot device I get the Niresh Loader allowing me to enter boot commands, pressing enter allows OSX to boot. I get the grey screen with the apple logo for several minutes then my screen goes black, it looks like the screen goes into sleep mode but pressing keys does cycle the hard drive, but it doesn't bring the screen back to life.


After doing some googling, a few options I tried


1) Disabling Intel Virtualisation in BIOS

2) Using boot command GraphicsEnabler=NO

3) Other boot switches -f -x


All lead to the same black screen.


I started using the above switches along with verbose mode to see where the boot process was stopping at and every time regardless of switches used for boot the screen always goes black after this line. ApplePS2trackpad:synaptics touchpad v 7.2


After another Google search it seems it could be a problem with "Still waiting for root device"" but I do not get this error as my screen goes off so I don't know.


So I am looking for a little guidance on what the possible errors could be.








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