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Asus 1000HE / SL 10.6.4 - no trackpad...


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I've made an installation of SL 10.6.0 then upgraded to 10.6.4 on Asus eee 1000 HE. Upgraded to 2Gb ram.


My problem is that the trackpad is dead. I've tried with Voodoops2.kext but no sucess. Anyone here that have a 1000he with working trackpad that can share what to do?


Been trying abit diiferent ways, but this one was a tough one... Common external usb mouse works when plugged.


Is upgrading to 10.6.7 or 10.6.8 maybe a solution? I would appreciate a link to guide which describes upgrade from 10.6.4 to 10.6.7 or 10.6.8 as well...




- augh -

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