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Is my DDR3 RAM 1067MHz or 797MHz?

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I'm seeing a weird thing after installing Mountain Lion on my Acer Aspire 6935G. I thought the RAM in this machine is DDR3 1067MHz. However, OSX says it's DDR3 797MHz. What's right? Do I need to fix anything?


Fixed. Just in case anybody comes here with this same issue, just inform you that this laptop BIOS had a bug (or limitation) in versions older than 1.10, which prevented the DDR3 RAM to go above 800MHz. My BIOS version was 1.05. I updated it to the latest BIOS for the Acer Aspire 6935G (which is 1.20 at the time of writing this), and now Mountain Lion correctly reports 4GB 1064MHz DDR3, so I'm very happy  :)


In fact I'm double happy because I know I could have bricked the laptop by updating the BIOS, so it was a double happy event: having 1064 MHz DDR3 and not bricking the laptop  :lol:

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