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Intel 915 Video mode 1280x800 not available

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After trying many tricks to have differt resolution than 1024x768 with my Laptop (Intel 915 Chipset), I tried ?Video from boot option of MAC OS X 10.4 x386.

I discovered that no video mode for 1280x800!!!! So even "by hand" at boot time i can't boot at 1280x800. So I understand why I had no luck modifying /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist or AppleIntel915.kext and so on.

Anyone can tell me how, as first step, to enter video mode 1280x800 from boot?

Many thanks!!!

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Callisto works with ATI graphics boards. He has an Intel graphics board. It would probably work if he had installed the GMA900 graphics package during the installation.





Thank you for your suggestion. But during installation I can't find the package you posted as picture.

Now the problem is that I can obtain 1280x800 resolution but only with an additional monitor connected to my laptop. Without it, a blue screen on my LCD.

This is a problem so lon discussed in this forum, but not yet really solved.

I discovered that AppleIntel915.kext is useless, and also AppleIntel915GA.plugin and other AppleIntel915 extension. I moved away from Extensions folder and the behaviour is as above described. The only one that is important is AppleIntegratedGraphics.kext, but with the problem of working only with 2 monitors.

It seems to me clear that the extension managing GMA900 is loaded ONLY if a plug-n-play display is detected. If the extension is loaded, it manages both screens correctly but assumes the main screen is the plug-n-play one.

The problem, then, is on monitor without plug-n-play (generic display). If one of this display is detected, a generic VGA driver is loaded and fixed resolution (1024x768) is used.

Many LCD in laptop aren't plug-n-play, so the problem of fixed resolution on them.

I' not an exper on MAC stuff, but maybe someone can suggest me hot to force GMA900 driver to be loaded at startup even without a plug-n-play monitor.

Hope it helps to help me (and many other people)

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