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ML 10.8.3 on SleekBook 15 B060sf

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This is my first request on the forum but after weeks and weeks of research i don t have any idea to make my QE/CI works. So i ask some help of the community.


My hardware :


CPU : Intel I5-3317U

GPUS : Optimus (hd4000 in front and nvidia) dont care of nvidia but can 't disable it in my locked bios.



What i ve done :


Ethernet : ok

Sound : ok

Mouse : ok

Kernel patch : ok

wifi ok with an external card

Bluetooth don t try yet

Triple boot ML, Seven and Ubuntu 12.04 without usb : ok


Try Patched AppleIntelFramebufferCapri and SNBGraphics, original too.

Last revision of chameleon, with GraphicsEnabler=Yes or without GraphicsEnabler.

Try Enoch Revision of Chameleon with difference Values for HD4K-ig.

Trying with HD4000 kext too.

But i neve had QE/CI (i saw this because can t choose any other resolutions than the one i give in the org.chameleon.boot.plist




I m not so far to finish my hackintosh but just that QE/CI missing and make me going crazy.


If someone can help me :D (sorry for my bad english)

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Little up.


Does Someone know what kexts are needed to be loaded.

Some websites talk about FrambufferCapri and SNBGraphics kexts.

others FramebufferCapri AGPM and HD4000 kexts.


I m really lost with all the solutions :

- Patch Framebuffer and SNBGraphics then install last version of chameleon : KO and got error at boot that the framebuffer class HDCPCtrl is a duplicatace kext of SNBGraphics.

- Try last chimera : KO

- Try enoch boot with all values of HD4K-ig : KO


Please if someone can help me :D

Thank s a lot

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