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How do you use custom kernels for install?


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Here are my specs.


Mother Board: Asus m5A78L-m

CPU: AMD FX-4350



I just noticed that they released an FX processor kernel for the FX (piledrivers)


I first tried using Niresh version which had custom kernels for AMD installed, and tried using both bootflags in Niresh's tutorial.


only the legacy / compatability mode amd kernels would get it to the next stage of the install (sorry i do not remember the boot flags off the top of my head, I lost my main HDD yesterday with all my data so i'm trying to get OSX working for a fresh start and new beginning) it would kernel panic while loading the installer files, and after a few retries it would just auto reboot without the kernel panic.  I was using a compatible video card which i purchased just for running OSX.


My question is, how do I load up the downloaded fx piledriver kernel for the install.  Would I have to put it in the folder with other amd kernels in Niresh's install?  Or use a thumb drive or something?  That is what I am unsure about at the moment.


Or if there is a new test distro out which has FX piledriver kernels added? 

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