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airplay lost after wake from sleep


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I am not entirely sure if this is the correct forum to post, as I am new here. After searching online for quite some time, I still can't find relevant info on the issue I am encountering.


First let me provide some basic info on my system: 10.8.4 is running with dsdt.aml, which was created by first by extracting from the BIOS and then applying the dsdt patch (found online) for Gigabyte G41M-combo (r1.4). The only kexts used in /Extra are NullCPUPowerManagement, AtherosL1cEthernet, EvOreboot, and VoodooHDA in S/L/E. 


So far 99% of the things work without any issues. Manual sleep and timed sleep (PleaseSleep required) work fine, and pressing magic trackpad would wake up the system.


Now the issue. After waking up from sleep, Airplay ALWAYS stop working. That means the Airplay icon in iTunes and devices in Sound (Sys Pref) disappear. I have two Airplay devices: Apple TV and Denon Receiver, and both of them would disappear after waking from sleep. The computer, Apple TV, Denon are all networked by cables to the router directly so we can rule out issues with WIFI.


I've tried restarting the network adaptor, restarting the coreaudio service, and various other terminal commands found online, but so far no luck.


I suspect this may be a power management issue somewhere, as the problem only occurs after sleep. Rebooting always fix the issue, and leaving the computer on all the time is a workaround, but I'd much prefer to put it to sleep when not in use.


Anyone with Airplay devices, please let me know if your Airplay still works after waking up from sleep, and please let me know what your motherboard is. If a solution can't be found with my old G41M system, I am thinking of upgrading the system to Z77 (ivy) or even Z87 (Haswell) i7 system, but I need to make sure these boards work with Airplay first. Hopefully a solution for my board can be found!


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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