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ATI HD6990 + 9800GTX Framebuffer issue


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Hey Guys,


I've been building my own Hackintosh for a few times now. I keep struggling with my graphics card. I've got an ASUS Radeon HD6990. Which is pretty hard to get working under OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4).


I've already put in my old card as the primary card (along with the HD6990) which is an Nvidia 9800GTX. The 9800GTX works out of the box with full QE/CI. Now after a lot of tries i've managed to get my tripple screen setup working using the two outer screens on my 9800GTX and the middle screen on my HD6990. The problem here is that i can not get QE/CI working on my HD6990.


I'm suspecting the following to be the issue:


This is what i read on another forum:



It was just a fast test i did...

But basically i did just use the Standard package found here (second page in this thread, packed up by andy), did add 0x671D1002 for 6990 in ati6000controller.kext. Used AtiConfig=Gibba or Duckweed with Chameleon r1700. And wola it worked AMD HD 69xx found with 2048 MB, didn't even need to disable second gpu. Everything seems to work well except DVDPlayer and if i start iTune(i guess its really quicktime) mouse becomes jumpy. Right now I've made a clean install of 10.7.2 and will do some more testing and try to refine and test different methods, will report my finds back later.

QE/CI did work.

So i reproduced this. I added my device ID to the ATI6000Controller.kext. And then my middle screen turned on.


Now i rebooted several times and I tried a lot of bootflags. I tried to use the following:

"-v" --> All 3 screens work but the HD6990 has no QE/CI (the 9800GTX does have QE/CI)

"-v GraphicsEnabler=No AtiConfig=Gibba" --> All black screens

"-v AtiConfig=Gibba" --> Outer 2 screens work. Middle one (HD6990) stays black (but in OS X it does get detected when i look in the Monitor part of the System Configuration panel).

"-v AtiConfig=Duckweed" --> Same as Gibba


The GraphicsEnabler=No flag seems to be needed (as i've read in some other threads) for my HD6990 to have QE/CI, but when I use this my 9800GTX stops working (along with the HD6990).


Please help me out. I'm kind of out of idea's how to get this monster fully working.


Thanks in advance guys.


EDIT: I'm using a P6T motherboard with an Core i7 920 CPU. I'm having 24GB of DDR3 @ 1600mhz. (Not sure if this matters)

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