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Odd Artifacting on Sapphire 5770


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I recently installed 10.8.2 on my desktop (which was not built with hackintoshing in mind, but seemed to have decent enough hardware for me to give it a shot). Here's my specs:

Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 955
Mobo: Asus M4A785T-M

RAM: 8GB DDR3 (4x2GB)
Graphics: ATi Radeon HD 5770 (Sapphire)

My onboard ethernet works via Lnx2Mac's awesome Realtek 81xx kext (mine is an 8167). I'm using an amd kernel to boot, and while I didn't get my mobo's HDA working I have a wireless usb headset (Sony Wireless PS3 Stereo Headset) that works with VoodooHDA (both audio-out and audio-in!)

So, pretty much everything I need for this to be usable is working, except that I'm getting some bizzare graphical errors on my card (see attached images).
First image is of my main monitor, where you can see text missing almost randomly and some glitches on the top bar. The second image is of my second monitor, where the desktop became entirely corrupted when I moved the cursor over the dock, but returns to normal when I update that portion of the screen (I did a box selection on the desktop).

These are just a few examples of errors I've seen- Safari almost always has text missing (but it's pretty sporadic), Chrome is compeltely corrupted aside from the window border, Finder sometimes only shows portions of a file's icon and the names are often missing... the list goes on and on.

My card has 4 ports total: Two DVI, One HDMI, and One DisplayPort. I have three monitors hooked up, but only two every work at the same time- usually the two connected via DVI. My middle monitor used to be connected via HDMI, but then it worked on even fewer framebuffers (and when it did, it was only at 800x600 and the cursor was completely black), so I moved it to DVI.


I've tried several framebuffers, including Vervet, Uakari, Eulemer, Hoolock, Motmot, Baboon, Gibbon, Alopias, Alouatta, Cardinal, and Caretta. The attached images were taken while I was using Vervet.
I have GraphicsEnabler=Yes as well as npci=0x2000 and PciRootID=1 in my Chameleon plist on /Extra, as well as -v (though that in theory shouldn't change anything but logging) and -f (if I keep kernel caches on, I get a kernel panic immediately before it even loads kexts. Probably because I'm using a nonstandard kernel).

If I boot into safe mode (-x), the graphical glitches are gone and I have no QE/CI or multimonitor. This is all to be expected, but if I need to use the OS to do something internally and the glitches are too severe, I can use safe mode.

It'd be nice to be able to use all three monitors, but if I can find a framebuffer that even lets me use just my main monitor without graphical glitches, I'll be set. None of the framebuffers I've tried have supported all of my monitors at once, anyway (though some support one or the other- for example Vervet lets me use my middle and right mintor and Uakari lets me use the ones on the sides), but even when one or two monitors are supported, I /always/ have this graphical glitching.

I've got a triple-boot setup between Win7, 10.8.2, and A ubuntu-based Linux distro (elementary os), if I need to use a diagnostic tool in any OS (a side note- this mobo lets me set the first four SATA ports to ACHI and the last two to IDE, which is nice since I installed my windows onto the drive in IDE mode, so I didn't have to change the registry to load the AHCI driver. The IDE drives aren't visible to OS X, though).

This community has helped me find almost everything I needed to get this working over the last few days, and I want to thank all of you for it! I hope I can get this last bump ironed out and have a functional OS X install.



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I have the same problem on Phenom II X4 955,my videocard is HD6850.


Does this problem usually happen on Phenom II X4 955?


PS. Unfortunately,this is the kernel bug.

If u can see the top bar is transparent,the videocard is successfully drived,it's just the uncompleted kernel,just wait to see our coders make it !



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