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Befuddled with MKVs and Bluray files

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Hi,  I've been away from the forums for a couple of years and decided to install Mountain Lion on the system in my sig.  Amazingly, it has turned out to be very solid and dependable for just about everything I've thrown at it.  I've been transferring all of my Blurays to MKV files using MakeMKV etc.  I'm running my Home Theater system on PC (Windows 8) using XBMC.  All of my movies are on my Synology server.  I've duplicated this system using Mountain Lion.  Everything works just as it should.


My question relates to Mountain Lion and copying and pasting my MKV files from server.  They play fine with XBMC and VLC.  But any time I try to copy an MKV file from one volume to another on my server, or to my desktop, or to any other volume on my OSX system, I get stopped with a message that says: "Estimating time remaining" which leads to a message that says "Server operation interrupted" which leads to this final message: "The Finder can't complete the operation because some data in "movie name" can't be read or written. (Error Code -36)".  The explanation I found after searching this error didn't really affect my situation.  The MKV files in question are not damaged, nor are the drives.  They work fine in all other cases...just not in the server example that I've listed.


I've tested using copy/paste on a variety of other kinds of files, large and small, and all of the above scenarios works as they should.  I've copied MKV files "not on my server" onto the desktop and onto other local volumes and they all work.  The problem appears to be only when copying "MKVs only" onto or from my server.  Does anyone have a clue about this?  Thanks in advance.

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I figured it out.  If you go to Finder, Choose Server, and then type e.g. smb and your server name, the first time it will ask for your server id and p/w.  If you save that, from that point on you'll get a menu listing all of your shares.  You can mount as many of them as you want and can transfer small and very large files back and forth at will.  Apparently, at least on my asus system, afp doesn't like large file tranfers on my Synology server.  From what I've read, Maverick will start using smb2 as opposed to afp.  Hope this helps someone else.

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