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Firewire audio device not working (IOAudioFamily.kext kernel panic)


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I'm trying to get a Firewire audio device working under a Lion setup (same for a 10.7.0 and 10.7.5 installation). So far all devices are working but when installing the firewire audio device driver, there is a kernel panic at boot time, even if the firewire device is not plugged:

PCI configuration changed (bridge=3 device=1 cardbus=0)
[ PCI configuration end, bridges 4 devices 32 ]
Alesis Firewire - (i386) Aug 16 2011 01:20:32
panic(cpu 0 caller 0x2ccb0f): Kernel trap at ...
Kernel extensions in backtrace:
dependency: [...]

Could the problem be related to the boot flag arch=i386 I'm using? (my graphics chip needs this to boot). Or does it have to do with NullCPUPowerManagement? Or could IOAudioFamily.kext possibly need patching, or maybe the Driver AlesisFirewire.kext?

When removing IOAudioFamily.kext it is booting but very slow and audio applications say "core audio not available" - but system profiler shows the firewire bus and the connected Alesis Multimix 16.

Thanks for any hints!


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Glad I found a temporary solution to this problem:
I just removed the extension (from the Firewire audio device, AlesisFirewire.kext) from the /System/Library/Extensions folder and now everytime the system has booted, I ussue:

sudo kextload /path/to/AlesisFirewire.kext

manually in a terminal.


Would be happy to hear if anyone knows a better solution.

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