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Darwin bootloader menu - help!


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Had 10.4.1 installed, with a second partition also used by the system. Decided to delete the second partition and install windowsXP, did so.

It worked, had to set back the first partition to Active, that's when I got the Darwin OS menu for a few seconds, letting me boot into OSX or WinXP.


Wiped the 10.4.1 partitoin and installed 10.4.7 now, but I don't get the menu unless I press F8 at start up.


I remember there was something in the boot.plist file, show bootmenu = yes. Does anybody know the setting?

There was also a timeout for the menu.



On a unrelated note, why do people go through the trouble of using Chain0 and all the crazy mods to dual boot, I didn't have to do anything special.


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