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retail install. anything specific that needs to be modded.

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Hi all.


I have been trying to install snow leopard on 2 different systems.  One is an intel core i3, the other an AMD.


I used legacy kernel on my boot disk and was able to get pretty far into the installation.


BOTH computers will give me the GUI grey screen with a black mouse cursor.... and I can move the mouse.  however, after some time, the cursor changes into a multi color spinning wheel and thats where my journey ends.


My theory is everything is setup correctly in BOTH systems.  however, I think a check is being done to see if MAC OSX can be installed on these systems and the system is saying no.


...I've tried multiple versons and distrobutions of MAC OS X to get a running hackintosh for about the better half of a month and this is the closest Ive gotten so any help to seal this deal would be greatly appreciated.

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