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Trying to install 10.8.2 (Niresh)

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i'm trying to install OSX 10.8.2 On my Acer 5739G laptop (~3.5 years old).

I remember instaling 10.5 and 10.6 without big hastle, but now with almost every bootflag at most i get to DSMOS Has Arrived, and its just the installation!!


Processor : Intel T6600

My video card: Nvidia GeForce GT130M

The chipset: Intel ICH9M

Wlan won't work, but that's not the problem (Intel 5100BG)

P.s More than enough info is in Report.htm file attached.


Should i use other type of install? What to do? I've tried to build DSDT.aml, but i dont think its supposed to go with the install?

Im hopeless, but i need MacOs badly :/


Thanks in advance!!


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My question still stands.. what method are you using? and why are you using Niresh's kernel.. You are on an Intel CPU, so you must be using stock/vanilla kernel.

Check bios to use AHCI and aslo try npci=0x2000 flag if you think you're stucked on "PCI configuration Begin"

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I have no other mac, so i can't make a vanilla usb flash or cd. And niresh uses modified kernel only if you specify it. Tryied the command, no luck, still DSMOS HAS ARRIVED...

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Hi everyone just to start am new to the world of OS X but here goes lol...


i ve the same problem with my acer aspire 6930G.

as for the "vanilla kernel" comment ... Wrong well from what i have read up the standard kernel "mach_kernel" is compatible to install ML...


the other comments include removing the .kexts for the gpu....?? (but how can we do that when we can't even get a install done) 


idea..extract the contents of the Niresh .iso (ultra iso) to get basesystem.dmg then decompile (7-zip) and remove the gpu .kexts rebuild the thing.


but my only issue is the rebuild... but i will see 


updates to come 

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