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Atheros Card -> Driver loaded -> airport ?


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I am currently going insane about my wireless card (Atheros 5005g, MiniPCI)

I installed 10.4.5 IO80211Family.knext and succeeded the driver to load, telling me adding 1 personality to kernel and stuff, but there is no Interface created.

I did an "kextcache -k", removed cache files manually and rebooted over and over again, but nothing. I also tried the warm reset trick from windows to OS X.

So I checked for "/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/" and looked for "NetworkingInterfaces.plist" but uuppss, nothing in there?! I examined the preferences.plist file and could not find anything about the driver.

The strange thing is, if I do an "kextstat" the Module is shown. If I do an "IOreg -l" I can't find any info on it... any Tips?

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