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Install Help 10.4.6 - after initial install vmware reboots to "No Operating System Found"


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I've been scouring these forums looking for an answer to my problem, I've tried almost everything I can think of besides trying another version.

I followed the guide word for word to installing through VMware (here) and I keep getting the same problem. What happens is that I am able to boot the install dvd and install up until a restart, once the Virtual Machine restarts itself it gives me the error that it cannot find an operating system to boot.


I tried to set the partition I installed the base OSX system active with both Acronis Disk Director 10 and diskpart in Vista RC1 and both times it tells me "HFS+ Partition Error" when it loads up so I have to reset the active partition to my Vista one.


Regardless, once I boot into the OSX install through VMware 5.5 and use the terminal I can mount the partition I installed 10.4.6 on and look around. But what I'm wondering is whether to try and feed the bootloader the proper arguments to make it look for the partition and boot that instead of the cd. My knowledge of any Apple type bootloader is from way back in Open Firmware so I'm stumped on what to tell it to do.


One more thing is that even if I use DiskPart in Vista to delete the partition that OSX was installed on to start over again, when I boot into the OSX Install, the old install is still "mounted" with data on the partition. If that makes any sense.


All I want to do right now is get the system booting before I worry about sound, wireless and accelerated graphics.


Thanks in advance, if there are any tutorials that can help me or a site that can tell me what the darwin bootloader accepts that would be awesome. If any of this was confusing, let me know and I'll try to clarify.





Dell Inspiron 2200

1.5Ghz Celeron M

40GB Fujitsu HDD

Mobile Intel 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Graphics Chipset


VMware 5.5

Acronis Disk Director 10

Windows Vista RC1

10.4.6 JaS DVD

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