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Problem with boot to Linux drive with the bootloader

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Hi, i have OS X ML 10.8.4 to my system in a SSD and everything works great. Today i installed a Fedora 18 in another HDD. The problem is that chimera does not recognise the hdd so in order to boot in Fedora i must change boot priority to the hdds from BIOS. This is very uncomfortable as i'll use both operating systems every day. Apart from that, when i boot to ML, a message appears that saying:
the disk you inserted in not readable by this computer

What i want to do is to remove this message (actually not to display it) and if it possible to appear the Linux HDD to chimera which is just a modified version of chamaleon.
Thank you in advance.

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I have format several usb stick with guid partition table and format disk area fat32 format.

After that I use "unetbootin.app" and install some live linux distros with that software.

Chameleon see every sticks windows version disk.


Not every distro works with that kind like boot, but


Fedora Live

Scientific Linux Live

Linux Mint Debian live




T  -.-

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Unetbootin is software, which make bootable usb stick.  Format at first must be fat32.

Only after that, unetbootin even can see this stick.


Chameleon see stick, which have quid style partition table.  This is different thing than format.


Guid style partition table + fat32 in disk area =  Stick which Chameleon can see, and

where unetbootin can install bootable iso.


= Solution what You ask.  Some kind solution.


Not every linux can go on with theirs own boot after chameleon, but some can.


T  -.-




Ohh...  fat32 need because unetbootin can only see stick with fat32.  At first.

After unetbootin is made copy process, format can be some else.  Guid

partition table is still left, and Chameleon can see stick when You boot.


When You use unetbootin application, You see, that this is quite ugly program.

Dirty made translation absolutely.

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