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Problem after update 10.7.5 combo


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Hello, some month ago i have installed Lion (Iatkos L2) on my pc:


-asrock z77 pro3

-intel core i5 2500

-radeon hd 6870 1GB

-Samsung v300 120gb

-8gb 1333 Kingston


The system worked perfectly but a few days ago for my mistake (i had dualboot with win7) the ChkDsk on win7 checked also the partition when the Lion was installed and from that moment it didn't work and i was forced to format the SSD.

Now are three days that i try to reinstall the Mac, the installation apparently proceeds good but the boot is more slower than before and after the update (downloaded by apple's site) combo 10.7.5 at the first reboot the system is blocked about 6-7 minutes on the desktop and i have only the cursor "free" but it doesn't interacts with GUI.

i don't know what i could to do

Sorry for the english but i am italian.

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