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10.8.4 and ALC888 / ALC1200


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I need a hint to get my audio controller working.
At the moment I am not able to get anything working.
After editing DSDT "Intel High Definition Audio" and "Layout-ID: 12" is listed in System Profiler.
Then I installed AppleHDA.kext for ALC888. I tried many of them, but nothing.
No output or input devices are listed in System Profiler or Settings.
I tried both versions of this codec.
I do not not, what to do now. Patching AppleHDA on my own would be a heavy task.
You can find the ioreg and codec information and my DSDTs (modified and original) in the attachments.

I hope, you can help me smile_osx.png

PS: I always get sound assertions in AppleHDAController at line 816 and at line 483. I also get them with the pure vanilla AppleHDA.kext
I am using Clover to boot OS X.

codec information.zip


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Already see here? http://www.insanelym...or-alc1200-108/




Yes, i tried it. It seems, that the codec is not recognized. I even checked the verbs in ConfigData. They are almost identical with my patched ones, but there are some exceptions.

I am not sure, maybe it is deeper problem? I hear pop sound during boot, so the audio controller is powered. 

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