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Hello everyone, my name is Jonathan. I am no computer wiz and the ASUS U30JC-A1 I am typing on right now is the most expensive thing I own. You might find this amusing but I don't own a single Apple product. I became interested in the big A when they released the Macbook Air and have been drinking their Kool-Aid ever since.


Right now, I am currently running the Windows 7 that's pre-installed on the machine. I didn't install Snow leopard (SL) on my laptop because a few people on this website reported issues with Wifi, Ethernet, and Graphics. I decided to install it in VirtualBox to iron out the Graphics issue. After converting the Retail OS X disk to iso and downloading the boot-132 nawcomModCD, I've manage to make it to the first of Hackintoshing: Booting into the OS X Install DVD. This is my fourth time installing SL so I blazed through the questions. The installation process is half-way done so in the mean time, here are some things you should know about me.


My philosophy on categorizing Apple geeks is you are a Fanboy if you love the company more than your beau and, most importantly, you own an i-product. I like the company but I don't wet my pants every time I see Steve Jobs (SJ) presenting the keynotes. To me, SJ is not a god in human form. He's just a skinner Santa without the red outfit. As I stated earlier, I don't own an i-product so since I don't meet either of the requirements to be a Fanboy, I classify myself as an Enthusiast. Since drinking their Kool-Aid, I believe the iPhone (not the iPad) is the company's best product. I like the iPad but there isn't enough "desktop-like" apps for the platform. I am holding out on getting one until the OS and apps becomes more like a desktop.


Anyway, the installation is almost done so I'll complete the post-installation stuff and start wrestling with the graphics.


Adieu for now. JT

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