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GTX275 896mb Drivers for Snow 10.6 For 2 Monitors


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Drivers For Nvidia GTX275 on Snow 10.6 for 2 Monitors With gfxutils

(By Honeyburton)



Download This : http://www.mediafire.com/?wytdyumiywo


Go to /System/Library/Extensions/ and find





Copy them to your Desktop. Then open each info.plist in them and add your device id property there as shown on the screenshots.

The device id could be found in About -> More info... -> Graphics/ Displays -> Device ID (also shown on screenshot).


Mine is 0x05e6 , suppose yours is the same.


II. Main dish


1. Open the pack you just downloaded.


2. Get rooty: Use gfxutil to get your pciroots for the efi string, paste to terminal:

/Users/*/Desktop/GTX295SnowLeo/gfxutil -f display

*is your username


Use gfxutils output for your gpu's pciroot, it will read something like this:



3. Edit dualpcb.plist or card.plist to include your pci roots.[/i]

Open it in TextEdit and change the values to match yours.


4. Use gfxutil to change your xml into hex, write this to terminal:

/Users/*/Desktop/GTX295SnowLeo/gfxutil -i xml -o hex /Users/*/Desktop/GTX295osx86/card.plist /Users/*/Desktop/GTX295SnowLeo/out.hex

*is your username


5.Add a new entry to your com.apple.boot.plist


<string>paste out.hex content here</string>


Reboot and enjoy!


For More Help Send a Message to : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showuser=530527


Special Thanks to Honeyburton For This Guide !

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