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Installing Snow Leopard on AOD150


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1. Connect AOD150's hard drive to a Leopard PC (Not Snow Leopard!) via USB or SATA

2. Use Disk Utility and partiiton the disk to a GPT disk.

3. Insert Snow Leopard Disk

4. Navigate to /Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages

5. Double click on OSInstall.mpkg

6. Choose the AOD150's hard drive as the install location

7. Customize. Do not install any printer support. Not installing languages also makes the install faster.

8. Install Chameleon 2 RC3 onto the AOD150's hard drive.

9. Remove everything from the /Extra/Extensions from the AOD hard drive.

10. Install FakeSMC, NullCPUPowerManagement, OpenHaltRestart, SMBIOSResolver, VoodooPS2

11. Use a hex editor and replace all instances of 86 80 A2 27 with 86 80 AE 27 in AppleIntelIntegratedFrameBuffer.kext/AppleIntelIntegratedFrameBuffer and AppleIntelGMA950.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleIntelGMA950

12. Edit the Info.plist of the two previous kexts to match the primary pci (0x8086A227 to 0x8086AE27)

13. Put HDAEnabler (From here) into both /System/Library/Extensions and /Extra/Extensions

14. Get Memfys' AOD150 kext for 10.5.8, show the package contents, then get to the plugins, then you'll need to use the Info.plist of the AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver.kext and AppleHDAPlatformDriver.kext. Edit the same files within the vanilla AppleHDA.kext to match.

15. Do a kextcache on the /Extra folder (kextcache -a i386 -m ./Extensions.mkext ./Extensions) (chmod 644 ./Extensions.mkext) (chown root:wheel ./Extensions.mkext)

16. Put the hard drive back into the AOD150, boot it up with arch=i386 and cpus=1 and -v. If it works, go on to install the Attansic L1e driver for ethernet.


I might have missed something... Will look and edit and such later...


2010/08/14 - Edit - After 10.6.3 and 10.6.4, seems that copying the AppleHDA info.plist with HDAEnbabler isn't working very well anymore. However, VoodooHDA from here seems to work very well for the AOD150, they even have digital microphone enabled and working for my T4220.

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Netbook-Installer or 27ae.sh available at nightalon.googlepages/workspace will patch your GMA950 drivers for you.Netbook Installer requires the battery to be removed; otherwise AppleACPIBAtteryManager.kext will cause a kernel panic during install.No need to boot with cpus=1 if you are running NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, which allows for hyper-threading.You forgot adding the EFI string to com.boot.apple.plist.I usually use chmod 755 instead of 644.I will try your audio suggestion, and see how far I get! Otherwise I would just use VoodooHDA.

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