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Kick The Efix Habit


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Kick The Efix Habit!!! I did....and so can you!!! And now, If you have the efix habit there are viable alternatives. I am running a very solid OS X installation 10.5.7 at this very moment on my former Efix computer with nothing more than a USB stick in it. I know, I know....sounds like efix so why bother. I'll tell you why ... this installation is solid .... not like eFix. No nic problems. Time machine and Bonjour work. The whole nine yards!!! And, best of all, no more listening to them say that are no problems with the efix unit!!! No more waiting months for updates that don't work anyway. All this taken into consideration, what do you suppose is in the unit anyway? Curious, no? Head on over to the Efix Users Forum ... (Not affiliated with ASEM) at http://www.efixusers.com/index.php Sign up, read through the fixes. There are three there now. Two run off of USB stix and one has everything on the hard drive. (The hard drive deal is my next experiment).


The fellows who came up with these fixes are brilliant and very helpful to noobs like me. All in all, the solutions are elegantly simple and once you go through it, pretty easy. (I made alot of mistakes but they got me through it.)


Well now I have 2 useless eFix units that I don't know what to do with. I could try to sell them, but I won't. Having a small sense of ethics and morals prevents me from sticking someone else with the problems. Doorstops? maybe. Cat toys? sure, why not! Christmas Ornaments!!!! How about that? Since I have two, I could make a pair of earrings for my daughter.


If anyone has any suggestions, that don't include sticking them into various body cavities or orifices, I would love to hear them. Let me know.



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