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Need Help over clocking my water-cooled system RIG the Goods : (D975BX2)Bad axe2 motherBoard RAM(in bios says default 667-factory says 800)gskill Dual cannel DDR2 x4 GB ,Q6700 quad core 2.66, Ati 2600xt,koolance custom water cool setup runns very cool,Sata hard-drives 3,leopard 10.5.7,not sure of the bios version,but I did notice it tends to lockup on me when I try to bump up the 10x multiplier in performance menu for the CPU...my goal is to get a stable system tweaked to around 3.6-4.0 MHz with my rig...I hear the memory and cpu tweaks is the key to getting a system in Harmony,thanks Insain this is a great community...

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