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Just An Efix Update


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Well....I haven't written anything for awhile. Just thought I would let everyone who was interested know what was going on with our friends across the pond and over the Alps. We've gone through, oh.... 2 updates I think since I last wrote. However, the big "Fixed once and for all" update hasn't come yet. Nor will they tell us when. The mods on the forum (God bless their tight little fanboy asses!) still spew forth the company line as received from deep within the Reich. You know the drill....the user has always messed things up...its always the users hardware that is at fault...(Even though the initial modules have been failing left and right ... heat and over voltage problem I think, but I'm a civil engineer not an electrical one). Efix still hasn't learned anything about customer service...we are still held with the highest of contempt. Their best advice is "Reinstall OS X" or "Your power supply is obviously defective", or "You have bad RAM", "God, are you stupid!" The usual non statistically based stuff.


They have updated their server, so maybe that will become reliable...who knows. And they may be waiting for Snow Leopard before they come out with the new "Fixed Forever" update. Be that the case...fine!!! Just tell us. THey might be surprised at how reasonable folks can be when they are told the truth. Couldn't hurt anyway.


Well now, they seem to be moving to support for X58 chipset and the i7 processors along with 200 series nvidia graphics cards. This would be great...I will try one more system in this realm before I give up on them completely and go to Boot 132. (I'm just to damn lazy to do all the work on a 132 system!!!!!). So, as an efix user, I kind of sit in my own little cyber buchenwald waiting for the maggoty bread to be thrown my way.


Anyway, as my old man once told me, "If you sit down to play blackjack and you can't spot the sucker at the table, guess what? Thee are He."


And so I remain...the sucker at the table...waiting and hoping for the "FIXED ONCE AND FOREVER" update. Who knows, it may even be in my lifetime.


Saturday 13 June 2009 - Edit - Just as an additional update, it seems the fanboyz really gone off the deep end. They are still condescending as hell and their best advice is still...."REINSTALL...REINSTALL...REINSTALL!!!!" They, as they say, are just users like the rest of us, but they have been so brainwashed to become the buffer between the real end users and "He Who Must Not Be Blamed" that they appear to have taken leave of their senses. They, it appears, believe that bad customer support, missed update promises and overall poor performance are acceptable behaviors. And they are programmed to promote these ideals while crushing any sort of dissention in the forum. Expect to see the fanboyz starring in a nice, fiery "Branch Davidian" video very soon. Or, perhaps just a report of them drinking electric koolaid with a Jim Jones wannabe. Just PM them that the Heaven's Gate spaceship is coming and it'll be all over except for the crying and the life insurance claims from surviving spouses. Or is that spice? In the mean time, at least for the near future and until they work out their problems, I would stay away from the module. It pains me to say so....but the dev team and the fanboyz leave little alternative. It still could become one of the greatest success stories of all time ... in the right hands. Fantastic idea ..... dreadful, unprofessional and unskilled execution.





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