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XBMC to support upmixing on Mac


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Assuming you've read my other articles, you'll know that I'm really into my speaker system and love to have everything played back using the full 5.1 speakers.

So far my only solution has been MPlayer Extended which isn't as pretty, or feature packed as many of the media players out there - though it is in constant development, even today they released a new update which fixes several bugs.


Mostly though, I'm a fan of XBMC for obvious reasons. Today I was reading through their website, and found something which made me jump up with joy!

One of the upcoming features for the Mac version, with high priority, includes upmixing stereo channels to 5.1/7.1!!!

I honestly can't wait for this update as it will finally let me use XBMC to playback my DivX movies with full surround audio


Here's a screenshot of the upcoming updates, though they give no timescale on exactly when it's due



taken from http://xbmc.org/wiki/?title=XBMC_for_Mac#M...h_high_priority

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